Premarital Counseling

What might arise over the years of your marriage? You’re about to step across the threshold into rest of your life. What are some of the practical changes your life will take? What do you need to plan for to keep your family harmonious? Your wedding vows set the intentions you have for your marriage. Premarital counseling can provide you with tools and perspectives to carry you into the years ahead.

Private Sessions

Intimate Discussions

Your marriage is best served when no subject off limits. Intimacy takes courage and understanding. Your willingness to explore the deep places of vulnerability will bring you closer, and help you weather the changes ahead. A touch of tenderness can open the pathway back to resolution.

A Safe Place

Opening Hearts

You’re making a wise choice to explore this conversation before you step up to the altar. Premarital counseling will benefit by opening the conversation to touch subject matters that need to be addressed. Open the door to a deeper connection with your beloved.

Finding Harmony

Conflict Resolution

Listening to what is said, and what is not said is a key strategy to couple communication. Marriage is a partnership, one that will help you find peace if you guide it. Take the step to connect deeper and come closer. Look beneath the surface and can appreciate what lies hidden.

Hudson Valley
Spiritual Guidance

As part of the ways Rev Marc serves couples and individuals is to help them frame a deeper understanding of life events. Troubles often arise due to temperamental differences between people. You may encounter feelings of not being understood by your partner, and those feelings can lead to dissonance in your relationship. When you come back to a place where you see things from a larger perspective, you grow to understand how your beloved is finding his or her way through the challenges life brings.

Long before his ordination, Rev Marc offered ministerial solace without realizing that there is a profession to join. When it became obvious that the spiritual calling extended to pursuing a more comprehensive education, he enrolled in the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary where he was elected salutatorian by his classmates to deliver an inspirational address at seminary's first ordination ceremony in 2004. It was here at Saint John the Divine Cathedral in New York City that Rev Marc initiated his career in the service of others.