Your Wedding, Your Way

Your ceremony celebrates your love and commitment. Rev Marc tells your story, and welcomes you and your guests into this precious moment.


Proclaiming Your Love

Your ceremony is written for you. It tells your story in your way. Your love sets the tone. Your commitment frames the moment. Your wedding celebrates your relationship.


Setting Your Intentions

Your vows lay the foundation for the future you want. Your words express your love and admiration for your betrothed, and your commitment to a lifelong love.


Capturing the Moment

Everything on this day encapsulates who you are. Rev Marc connects your personality, your beliefs, your emotions, and your traditions. This sacred day sets your intentions for the rest of your lives.

Hudson Valley
Wedding Officiant

Ceremony and counseling services serve young couples and second marriages. Rev Marc fits your wedding to who you are.

Make memories for a lifetime. Personal, heartfelt, and respectful ceremonies come from the soul of Rev Marc. Your ceremony will be a passionate telling of this rite of passage. You’re laying the foundation for the years to come.

Rev Marc's Qualifications

Since 2004, Rev Marc has celebrated the marriages of hundreds of couples in ceremonies. He has performed weddings with components from myriad traditions ranging from religious and formal to spiritual and secular. He puts himself at your service to deliver a moving wedding ceremony that you will remember with fondness for the rest of your lives. After delivering the commencement address to the first graduating class at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, his ministry has taken off. Long before ordination, Rev Marc has helped others as a fount of wisdom and loving compassion.